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Re: [Bug 392887] Re: Cannot delete a PPA


Am Montag, den 03.05.2010, 14:21 +0000 schrieb Philip Muškovac:

> No need to join the beta testing team if you just want  to test this
> one feature

No problem! I'll gladly report on other features as well as long as I
get the impression that people read and react.

Regarding the PPA deletion:

Reason No#1 for people requesting this feature in Launchpad was probably
the same that I have: They wanted to rename their account and that is
impossible with a PPA in the account.

When I was new to LP I created a test PPA, not immediately recognizing
that a part of my email-adress had been used to automatically name my
account in a way that I really do not like.
When I realized what happened, I already had contributed to numerous bug
reports and didnt want to lose track of it all by abandoning the account
and creating a new one. But unless my account gets a new name, I will
keep my "private" repository on my own server and wont create new PPAs
on launchpad, although I would like to.

That said, I honestly do NOT regard this bug as fixed because:
The "deleted" PPA is still there! It is sort-of-marked-as-zombie and
even still visible on my profile page. I pretty much fail to see ANY
difference between the PPA being disabled or deleted at all.
Moreover, it is still impossible to change the account name because
"This user has a PPA and may not be renamed.". So, the primary goal of
all the fuzz has entirely been missed, IMHO.

Just my 2c on the issue...

Cannot delete a PPA
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