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XML schema for Tomboy Notes


Hi everyone,

I did an early draft of a XML schema for Tomboy notes files. Please have a
look at it.

I submitted a bug (#557351) and attached the files there for easy access:

I did this work as part of my Tomdroid project, to ease interoperability
between Tomboy and its growing list of compatible reimplementations.

I'll try not to repeat the bug report here so if you want more info check
the bug.

The schema spec used (RELAX-NG Compact) is very easy to read and I encourage
everyone to take a quick look. The latest version will be available from
here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~olivier-bottomlesspit/tomdroid/main but I
hope that this will be included upstream.

The status for now: I think that it gets the picture about what you can
expect of the tomboy files but not the way around. What I mean by that is
that I'm pretty sure someone can come up with a note that will pass this
schema but will not do as expected in tomboy. This is where it needs love.

Now for the specific questions:
- Is tomboy picky about top-level element ordering? Would it cope with badly
ordered top-level elements?
Right now, the schema is very linear and expect stuff to be ordered (except
for note-content).

- Is there a kind of Object XML Mapper layer (analogous to ORM)?
I checked NoteBuffer.cs and its a very big class.. Does all the load from
xml and save from xml magic happen there?

- What license should I use?
For now I've put the schema under LGPL 2.1 since tomboy's /trunk/COPYING is
that. Comments?

- Can I edit the wiki page NoteXmlFormat to document what I validate with
the schema? http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy/NoteXmlFormat


<shameless plug>About Tomdroid: http://launchpad.net/tomdroid</shameless
p.s.: I said I would *try*  not to repeat the bug report, I guess I failed..
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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