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threading-improvements branch landed in trunk/



Just a quick one to let you know the I merged the threading-improvements
branch in tomdoid's trunk not so long ago. It's ready for wider testing.

The application responsiveness while loading is way better now. The
performance is not improved much but I've come to realize that I might have
to change how I'm doing things. Using the sqlite database instead of parsing
all the notes files on each load..

Next is the implementation of Android's lifecycle elements which will make
Tomdroid friendlier with multitasking, etc.

Before 0.2.0 here are the goals:
- implement lifecycle elements
- desactivate datetime parsing since it's the slowest piece of the parsing
and were are not using it yet
- verify that it works on the 1.5 platform (future-proof)

As always, help is more than welcome! You can check for tasks in
doc/dev/TODO, submit bugs or enhancements, etc.

Have a nice day!
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>