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Re: Live folders


I sidetracked the conversation and spoke straight to Benoît (to tell him I
would take me some time to answer). Here is a merge of our conversation and
some new stuff :)

2009/6/8 Benoît Garret <benoit.garret_launchpad@xxxxxxxx>

> Heya,
> I played a bit with Tomdroid recently and added the support for live
> folders.

Nice! Unfortunately I never played with LiveFolders.. I'm still at 1.1 on my

* Benoit then sent me some screenshots (attached).

> I'm attaching two screenshots of the live folders feature. The first one
> show the icon added on the home screen once you've set up the tomdroid live
> folder and the second one show the list itself appearing when you click on
> the icon. Clicking on a note on the list launches tomdroid and shows the
> note.

> This is a cupcake feature and thus bumps the requirements to the version
> 1.5 of Android.

What is the deployment status of 1.5 right now? Can people on the list tell?
If the T-Mobile G1 and most other worldwide carriers are all 1.5 then I
would bump the requirements.

> There is one thing I'm not really sure about the code: the NoteCollection
> and NoteProvider classes. The first one seems to parse the xml notes and
> puts them in a sqlite database while the second one is the main point to
> add, remove and modify notes and deals only with the sqlite database. Did I
> understand things correctly?

NoteCollection is a domain model object (think abstract business code from
platform details).. anyways, I added the provider later because I needed it
to catch intents coming in from links but I think both class should be
merged together and it is coming: i'll no longer parse all the notes on each
startup, i'll use the sqlite db instead and this is where I think a merge
between the two becomes clear and cohesive

> I don't know about the default android version to be expected on the
> mailing list, but the patch is not ready to be merged. I found a crash when
> you click a note in the list and tomdroid isn't already running. The
> NoteCollection is then empty and returns a null Note at line 125 of
> ViewNote, this crashes tomdroid a few steps later. I believe the Provider
> isn't ready to function independently yet, but this will probably be easier
> to fix once it is merged with the Collection.

Yes, exactly, wait for the merge of the provider and NoteCollection (or more
accurately the death of NoteCollection and the creation of a NoteImporter).
All calls will go through the provider after that moment.

Please put the patch in launchpad as a branch and keep it updated against
trunk until we have 1.5 as a requirement then i'll merge it.

As for the personal branches, what is the best way to do it : create one
> branch and put everything in it or create as many branches as there are
> features to be worked on?

I would prefer one branch per feature or bugfix. See bzr user-guide on
distributed-style[1] for the few commands you'll need to use.


Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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