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Re: Introduction


Welcome aboard Bernd!

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 1:56 AM, Bernd Hirschler

> Hello Tomdroid developers!
> I would like to introduce myself as a joined this list. As I'm an
> extensive user of Tomboy I was kindly surprised to find Tomdroid.
> Maybe in the near feature I have some spare time and why not spend it
> usefully. I joined to get to know the developing procedures, upcoming
> features and work that has to be done.

Take a breath, here's a quick and dirty introduction:

Short task list is:
- merging work done regarding using a database back-end. That's being done
in the storage-redesign branch. I'm almost there.
- Benoit is working on integrating tomdroid with tomboy online and ubuntu
one through snowy's REST API. That's being done in web-sync or something

After these two items are merged, I should focus on simple note editing.

Here's the basic workflow if you want to help on code:
- branch out from trunk
- work on a little feature/bugfix (small and focused changes please)
- propose a merge

If you want to help on improving design, ideas or bigger changes, post to
the mailing list.

Extensive testing would also be appreciated.

Oh and there are a lot of TODO or FIXME mention sprinkled in the code and
finally, there is a TODO list in doc/dev/

By the way, I am open to any suggestions! Change workflow, propose a website
(i own tomdroid.org), do screencasts, etc.

Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to see you on the mailing list!
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>