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Tomdroid 0.7.4 "Christmas special" stable release


Hi all,

First, tl;dr: A tomdroid stable release this time. Version 0.7.4 which is
pushed to Google Play and Amazon Marketplace.

Long version: Stefan wrote the announcement but he is with his family with
limited Internet access. I wanted the good news out to our tom{boy,droid}
mailing lists so here I shamefully copied and pasted the thing here:

After a long testing period we finally decided to release all the great
work of the last year to the wild. This new release will be known as 0.7.4
and includes all changes from our current beta branch. It will be released
not only on Launchpad, but also the Google Play Store and the Amazon

Compared to our previous stable release (0.6.1), you will not recognize
Tomdroid any more as we added note editing, two-way sync, tablet support,
rich editing and much more! At this point we want to thank Noah, the man
behind all that good work! He started this branch and included most of the
awesome new features:

Tomdroid 0.7.4 - "Christmas surprise" - Stable Editing and Two-Way Sync!

Editing Features:
 * Rich text editor for editing and formatting notes
 * Ability to create new notes
 * Ability to delete local notes
 * Automatic renaming of notes on duplicate title (as Note 1, Note 2, etc.)
 * Note saved automatically on pause
 * Ability to revert all changes

Sync Features:
 * Two-way sync by default, one-way "pull" sync via "Revert All" button
 * Note conflict resolution screen when notes are of different date and
both older or newer than last sync date
 * Automatic authentication - if you use Online Synchronisation, pressing
"Sync" on first launch is enough to authenticate and sync
 * switching sync services/servers doesn't clear notes database anymore

UI Tweaks:
 * Tomdroid toolbar is now a native ActionBar
 * added tablet landscape view

Preference Tweaks
 * Added preference for changing base font size
 * Added preference button for backing up notes to SD card (when using
online sync)
 * Added preference button for removing all notes from remote service
 * added option to hide/show note templates
 * added option to clear local notes database (useful if switching sync

... and much more! For details see our detailed changelog and the release
notes of previous beta releases.

Although all the basics are working quite well at the current state, it
might happen that you lose note formatting or content when editing notes or
upon syncing. So keep in mind to frequently backup your precious notes!
For the near future we plan to improve our rich-text-editor and to
streamline the synchronisation algorithms. The latter should make adding
other synchronisation services (ssh, webdav, various cloud storage
solutions) easy. Further, it would be cool to use the new Android ui
elements called fragments to support swiping and all the cool stuff.
However, this would mean that Android 1.6 - 2.2 can not easily be supported
any more, so this is still open for discussion!

A short reminder: Tomdroid is a Tomboy compatible wikiwiki note-taking
application for Android.
If you want to provide any additional help (translation, code, website,
testing, publicity, etc.), feel free to subscribe to the tomdroid-dev
mailing list and propose help: https://launchpad.net/~tomdroid-dev

Merry Christmas!

Stefan Hammer

Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>