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tomdroid oauth / oauth_verifier not sent



I'm implementing my own tomboy rest api sync server based on owncloud.
It works fine for tomboy, but I fail to authorize tomdroid 0.7.5.

Problem seems to be the last step of the oauth process:

The server redirects to
> tomdroid://sync?oauth_token=foo&oauth_verifier=bar
and then tomdroid tries to fetch the access token.

Unfortunately, the verifier is missing in the POST request:

> POST /index.php/apps/grauphel/oauth/access_token HTTP/1.1\r\n
> Authorization: OAuth oauth_consumer_key=\"anyone\",
>  oauth_nonce=\"3226606006686292019\",
>  oauth_signature=\"E9oDhPHKwGHPRhV1r7vUBvuiaGA%3D\",
>  oauth_signature_method=\"HMAC-SHA1\", oauth_timestamp=\"1408651288\",
>  oauth_token=\"r2d8fcc92baf9c67f\", oauth_version=\"1.0\"

Why is oauth_verifier missing?

If one of the developers wants to try that out - I can give out test
accounts on my owncloud instance.

Regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christian Weiske

-=≡ Geeking around in the name of science since 1982 ≡=-

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