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Emergency Leave


Dear all,

I'm sorry for the short notice. I posted on my Facebook Profile yesterday and asked to deliver this message but it seems no one did so I am sending this.

Some bad news from my side. I am in a very bad condition (sleepless for many days, too weak to do anything at all, my shoulders are in pain, etc) and I really can't do anything whatsoever. I am even too weak to type this email but I must send it. A side from all that, I have some serious personals matters in real life that I must face and deal with.

I am sorry that lately, I couldn't be much of any help to this community but I am a human after all and I think I need to take some urgent rest because I feel extremely bad and don't like doctors so better to be good ASAP.

So, please take this note seriously and wish me luck!

Will do my best to catch up and be back to action hopefully soon ...

Off to bed ...