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Re: [Torios-dev] testing in VB: Re: ToriOS ISO


Hi Paul,

Welcome back on screen shots for installation, when you are ready for it.

Best regards

Den 2017-03-17 kl. 20:35, skrev Paul Sutton:
Ah yeah  good point,  what I may do is refer to external resources from
within the manual,  thanks for reminding me,   it also means that as
websites contain up to date information then it is up to date.

I think i may have been mixed up thinking mkusb was used as part of the

I'll get back to you on screen shots what I am looking for is a series
of these for installation,  starting with the desktop showing the
install button through to the last install screen.  I can then add these
to the manual,  as for size etc, I'll get back to you.

If we start fresh it is better.


On 17/03/17 16:44, Nio Wiklund wrote:
Hi again Paul,

You wrote a 'how-to' for Unetbootin, so I think you know pretty much
about creating USB boot drives ;-)


By the way, USB pendrives are 'temporary devices' for me. It is easy to
install something with Unetbootin, test it, and then install something
with mkusb, test it, ..., using the same USB pendrive.

The main purpose of mkusb to wrap a safety belt around dd. The intention
is to make it difficult to destroy important data by mistake.

What kind of graphics do you need? A number of screenshots? What size
(width x height) in pixel and mm? Maybe I can help you with a few
pictures. But I am not good at creating 'screenshot video clips'.

Best regards

Den 2017-03-17 kl. 11:12, skrev Paul Sutton:
Sorry no, i have been busy for ages, and only just got back in to this,
we are suffering from the age d problem of time, expertise and lack of
both.    I also lack spare usb flash disks and really lack the funds to
buy more of them.   I am petrified I am going to lose important data
using mkusb as I really don't understand how to use it properly.

I will try and instal the vm software as It is the only way I can make
screenshots of the install process, granted the text is then too small
to read,   I am not a graphics guy so hence I struggle with this.


On 17/03/17 09:33, Nio Wiklund wrote:
Hi Paul,

Have you noticed that there has been a major revamp of mkusb: mkusb
version 12 with a completely new user interface. See (and maybe refer
to in your manual) the following links



Best regards

Den 2017-03-17 kl. 09:26, skrev Paul Sutton:
I have restarted work on the manual,  just a quick question now we are
based on debian jessie does this mean we are using the debian installer
?   It could save me a lot of work manua wise if I drect people to
official docs for installing debian,  or at least refer to them.

i'll try and download aniso and have a go,  just been busy


On 17/03/17 08:01, Cinque Port Computers wrote:

ToriOS sure has gone really quiet now... anything happening at all ?
 *_Israel _*, see my last question below which I never saw a reply


*From:* Torios-dev
<torios-dev-bounces+jackdtrice=outlook.com@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on
behalf of Cinque Port Computers <jackdtrice@xxxxxxxxxxx>
*Sent:* 06 March 2017 10:22
*To:* Israel
*Cc:* torios- dev
*Subject:* Re: [Torios-dev] testing in VB: Re: ToriOS ISO

Hi Israel,

I have a ToriOS installed in VB (a Trusty flavour) that you fixed that
disappearing desktop shortcuts problem a while ago.

Is/Are there any file/files that I can send you that may help you
solve this problem in the Debian 1.5 flavour?



*From:* Torios-dev
<torios-dev-bounces+jackdtrice=outlook.com@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on
behalf of Cinque Port Computers <jackdtrice@xxxxxxxxxxx>
*Sent:* 02 March 2017 23:28
*To:* Israel
*Cc:* torios- dev
*Subject:* [Torios-dev] testing in VB: Re: ToriOS ISO

Hi Israel,

Zsync done; installed okay in VB; still have the problem where desktop
shortcuts disappear over a logoff/reboot in installed system.




*From:* Israel <israeldahl@xxxxxxxxx>
*Sent:* 02 March 2017 23:02
*To:* Nio Wiklund; Cinque Port Computers; torios- dev
*Subject:* ToriOS ISO

Hey guys,

I reuploaded the ISO again, and remade the zsync file. Please zsync
ISO again, and see if some of those issues are fixed, if so I will
reannouce it on the main list


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