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Re: getting the word out


Good idea, I need to do this more too,  With the imminent launch of
Debian Buster perhaps this would be a good time to focus on low spec
systems and suggest what people could use.

I can try post something to my blog too. I'll fire up my ToriOS netbook
update for a start then see what I can come up with.


On 04/07/2019 13:14, ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I keep running across blog posts on the top Linux distributions for older
> computers and the top lightweight distributions and similar topics.  They
> usually have comment sections open for people to post.  There are also
> some forums that have similar discussion threads.  Think it would be great
> if ToriOS users posted to various blogs and forums that discussed Linux
> distributions and mentioned ToriOS.  It would let more people know about
> the OS.  It seems to get missed in a lot of these types of discussions.
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