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2 forthcoming cleanup branches


Hey guys,

I wanted to get some general feedback from folks on two branches that
I'll be working on, both janitorial in nature.

1) There is a mixed convention used in the code base right now as far as
function and method names go: camelCase and standard PEP-8 naming. This
needs to be resolved as quickly as possible, since there's a good chance
we're going to start using this code at Canonical and adding more stuff
to it as time goes on. The coding standard needs to be consistent across
the code base.

Also, we want to make this kind of API-breaking change now, before the
library is used too widely to do this easily.

Grep'ing the code, it seems that the Twisted standard of camelCase is
most prominently used. As this is a Twisted project and this standard
already holds the majority, I propose to make the necessary changes in a
new branch using the Twisted standard.

Does anyone have any violent objections to this?

2) Peppered throughout the code, there are also other various PEP-8
irregularities (e.g., long lines). I'll be making another branch that
addresses these.

I can't imagine there being an objection to this sort of cleanup, but I
want to check just to make sure, since I'll be touching pretty much
every file that's been committed so far.

I'll create tickets for these branches now, but won't start coding until
this weekend sometime.


Looking forward to your feedback,


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