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[Bug 413738] Re: Inconsistent Coding Standard Employed


** Branch linked: lp:~oubiwann/txaws/413738-method-name-cleanup

Inconsistent Coding Standard Employed
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Status in txAWS: Twisted Amazon: New

Bug description:
As mentioned in a recent email to the list, the naming convention used for
methods in txAWS is split between camelCase and standard PEP-8 usage.

This needs to be resolved as quickly as possible, since there's a good chance
we're going to start using this code at Canonical and adding more stuff to it
as time goes on. The coding standard needs to be consistent across the code

Also, we want to make this kind of API-breaking change now, before the library
is used too widely to do this easily.

Grep'ing the code, it seems that the Twisted standard of camelCase is most
prominently used. As this is a Twisted project and this standard already holds
the majority, I propose to make the necessary changes in a new branch using the
Twisted standard.

Does anyone have any violent objections to this?