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Re: [Merge] lp:~oubiwann/txaws/416109-arbitrary-endpoints into lp:txaws


Review: Approve
[1] Some flakes
txaws/ec2/client.py:6: 'b64encode' imported but unused
txaws/storage/client.py:10: 'b64encode' imported but unused
txaws/storage/client.py:11: 'md5' imported but unused
txaws/storage/client.py:18: 'AWSCredentials' imported but unused
txaws/tests/test_credentials.py:6: 'TestCase' imported but unused

+        try:
+            gtk2reactor.install() 
+        except AssertionError:
+            pass

Really? What's the reason behind this change?

             key_id = content.get_children()[0].get_children()[1].get_text()
             secret_key = content.get_children()[1].get_children()[1].get_text()
             creds = AWSCredentials(access_key=key_id, secret_key=secret_key)
+            region = AWSServiceRegion(creds=creds)

This change seems unecessary.

+from twisted.web.client import _parse

It's pretty sad, but you can't import that, it's private. You have to copy the function.

+        self.assertEquals(client1, client2)
+    def test_get_s3_client(self):

There is an extra blank line here.

Nice branch, +1!
Your team txAWS Team is subscribed to branch lp:txaws.

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