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On Mon, 21 Nov 2011 17:17:51 -0500, Alex Besogonov <alex.besogonov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello!
> I've encountered similar problems with CouchDB that led to the U1DB
> project, and a few weeks ago I've started my own "mini-CouchDB"
> project: https://github.com/Cyberax/SofaDb . My aim is to have an
> embeddable wire-compatible desktop replacement for CouchDB.
> Right now I can get to 100000 document insertions per second with an
> in-memory backend and 30000 documents/sec insert rate with the leveldb
> backend. For comparison, CouchDB with HTTP interface is around 2500
> documents/sec on my computer and with Hovercraft it's about 10000
> documents/sec. And right now SofaDB is compatible with CouchDB down to
> document revision ID calculation so putting the same document in
> CouchDB and in SofaDB produces exactly the same result.
> Have you considered creating CouchDB-compatible database rather than
> writing your own one from scratch?

on the one hand, we're not writing a database; we're writing an API
anybody can implement ontop of existing databases to make them
syncable. On the other hand, the hard part is the sync protocol, not the
store itself :)

Glad to have you in u1db-discuss,

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