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Artwork updates for slideshow


Hi all!

As you may know, the release time is now fast approaching. It's starting to
be time to think about updating the slideshow to truly be customized to the
Vivid Vervet release, something I see has already been started... but we
still do have a unicorn in the slideshow :)

Has anyone started work on fixing this? Or know of someone who did?

I unfortunately can't volunteer, since my art skills are abysmal...

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre <mathieu-tl@xxxxxxxxxx>
Freenode: cyphermox, Jabber: mathieu.tl@xxxxxxxxx
4096R/EE018C93 1967 8F7D 03A1 8F38 732E  FF82 C126 33E1 EE01 8C93