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Re: broken? maybe I need a little help? Either way, please help me continue/fix this


28.12.2011 00:32, Christ Schlacta kirjoitti:
> There seems to be a version conflict between two
> ubuntu-389-directory-server packages.  libdirsrv0 and dirsrv.  Below is
> the aptitude update, and the aptitude show libdirsrv0 and aptitude show
> dirsrv and then the aptitude install.  I'm trying to perform an initial
> ubuntu-389 install, and this issue (it appears it may have been
> introduced yesterday when someone uploaded 389-ds-base ~ubuntu4.  I
> apologize if there's more useful information needed, but this is all I
> have. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

389-ds-console needed an update to rename the dependency, it's fixed
now. Thanks for the report!