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Re: Missing MMR Plugin


24.02.2012 01:42, Christ Schlacta kirjoitti:
So I finally got back around to installing and configuring 389 on
ubuntu, and so far It's working and working well, except that the mmr
plugin seems to be missing and in the admin console the Replication +
icon says an unknown error occured, and prompts me for a password. I can
of course cancel at that point and everything continues to function
fine. Providing the proper password has no effect. THe prompt is
displayed again and the process repeats. In a nutshell, I believe mmr is
either broken or disabled in some way. I reinstalled today, 2/23/12.
Below is version information and pertinent lines from logs:

master@directory:~$ aptitude show 389-ds-base
Package: 389-ds-base
New: yes
State: installed
Automatically installed: no

Yeah I think it's best to test on precise + the ppa from now on, especially since 389-ds-base is uploaded and waiting in the NEW queue so any bugs that this version has are quite important :)

There were some packaging fixes on the newer version, might be that the plugin just was missing some files..