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Progress, and a short TODO list


(I'm sending this to all three lists to get a wider audience..)


So, I've been working on the 389/Dogtag/Freeipa packages for some time now, and a lot has happened since I started. A lot has been pushed to the Ubuntu repository and some packages are waiting in the NEW queue. Debian will get these next once my account is created and I can upload stuff there :)

So next I'll upload 389{,-ds}-console and 389-ds, that'll complete the 389ds packaging effort. What's missing after that:

- Dogtag PKI (source package 'pki)
- Freeipa (client enabled, in NEW, server setup scripts need testing)

Dogtag is packaged and the setup script works. What doesn't is the startup scripts that try to start a new tomcat instance for the PKI subsystems. The tomcat initscript doesn't currently support creating other instances with it, but that is trivially fixed. It's the PKI scripts that are doing something "weird" that needs some serious debugging and fixing.

Krzysztof Klimonda has been looking at the Freeipa server setup scripts. It's suffering from similar problems as Dogtag; hardcoded paths and assumptions that the system is a Fedora derivative. Upstream is willing to accept patches to make the scripts portable, but it'll take some time to get things working smoothly.

So, the short TODO-list:

- upload rest of the 389 packages to precise
- 389 testing, haven't done much myself..
- fix PKI startup sequence to not mess things up and actually start an instance instead
- upload pki
- fix Freeipa scripts "so they work"
- upload freeipa with the server bits enabled
- upload everything to Debian
- set up a project on alioth for freeipa
- set up a project on alioth for SSSD

once the projects are set up, we can move the git repos under /git/pkg-$foo (pkg-fedora-ds already is there, but should it be renamed? :), and fix the commit hooks to send a diff to the respective list so that people working on these know what's happening.

There's also a blueprint on launchpad that's tracking the effort: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-p-freeipa-tech-preview

..but it's getting too late to include the pki/freeipa server bits for precise. Not going to ship broken stuff on a LTS :) We can always backport stuff and put them on a ppa. Debian will freeze in June, so it could get a fully working stack, we'll see..