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Re: Installation


On 20.03.2012 14:39, Hynek Kruzik wrote:
> Dear all
> I am intersted in testing 389 Directory Server system on Ubuntu 11.10
> 32bit Intel platform. I am not an experienced linux administrator and I
> would like to ask you to provide detail instructions how to install 389
> DS system.

Hi Hynek,

There are no debs for 11.10, but 12.04 beta has them in the main
repository. The last missing pieces got accepted today, and the next
upload of 389-ds-base will add a metapackage which makes the
installation even easier.

There are no Ubuntu specific docs available, since after the
installation everything should work just like on Fedora/RHEL so the
upstream docs apply. On 12.04 just run 'apt-get install 389-ds-base' and
after that 'setup-ds' and follow the instructions. That should be enough
to set up the main nslapd instance..