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Advertising Idea


Hey Guys and Gals,
Had an idea for a promotion we could do.
Many of the people I meet, who I share my experiences in Ubuntu with, go
home and install it the same day, all for the same reason. Many people who
have heard of Ubuntu and Linux in the past still think it is not user
friendly or aesthetically appealing. After showing them what it looks like
now and explaining the benefits, they go right ahead and install it.
I think we should do a type of ad that showcases current usability and
contrasts it with older versions showing how it has evolved or something
along the line. I'm no artist so maybe someone could run with this idea or
give me feedback.
Just an idea :-)
Best Regards,
Steven Richards
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lp: https://launchpad.net/~steven.richards
irc: Captainkrtek

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