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Re: Jack detection in ubuntu 12.04 - call for testing!


On 01/12/2012 09:46 AM, David Henningsson wrote:

Jack detection - what happens when you plug your headphones in - has
been improved in kernel 3.3, and I hope we can have that functionality
in Ubuntu 12.04 as well. It is e g one of the components needed to
successfully have different volumes for headphones and speakers, i e to
have your media keys controlling your headphone volume when your
headphones are plugged in, and your speakers when they're not.

However, the kernel team has asked for some specific testing before they
are willing to merge the new jack detection stuff into the 12.04 Ubuntu
kernel, and I'm hoping that you would be willing to help us out with


Do remember, that if you find a kernel regression, that we have a way of
contacting you, so we can figure out what went wrong and hopefully fix
the bug.

Thanks in advance!

To follow up; testing was done on 14 systems, three bugs were found, two in PulseAudio and one in the kernel. All of these have been resolved.

The kernel patch is currently being built/released into 12.04 (version 3.2.0-11.19).

I've merged the PulseAudio changes (to make it use the new jack detection interface, a new client interface for the UI, and a few minor other things) into lp:~ubuntu-audio-dev/pulseaudio/ubuntu.precise - and as soon as the kernel is in and released, I'll poke someone to upload the new PulseAudio as well.

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.