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Re: Disable module-dbus-protocol in PulseAudio?


Hi David,

Yep don't see any reason why we would keep it.


On 07/02/12 12:36, David Henningsson wrote:

Should we disable module-dbus-protocol by default? The reasons for doing so would be

1) I recently discovered that this module does use-after-free at shutdown, and possibly this could happen on unplugging USB devices as well. When poking upstream about it [1], his response was "Now that you've pointed out this issue, I don't trust the code at all
anymore." [2].

In combination with

2) The only consumer I know of module-dbus-protocol is qpaeq, which we don't ship. So in general, this module just takes up space. Do you know of any other program that needs this module?

My suggestion is that we just comment this module out, at least until upstream have provided patches that makes it stable. Another option would be to move it to another package, like we do with the raop module. If there were a lot of user experience we would have broken, that would have been a different story, but right now, I'm not afraid of just disabling it. What do you think?