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Re: Startup sounds broken


Sorry let me clarify this.
We are in the process of choosing the sound that will be used for the greeter. This will be chosen early next week which with a patch to unity-greeter currently been worked on by David should land before Thursday.
Out of loop on this one sorry.


On 10/02/12 12:45, Conor Curran wrote:
Hi David,

As you know I have been working with the design team to refresh the sound theme. We have chosen the sound designer and are in the final stages of delivering a new system ready sound into Ubuntu in time for feature freeze. We had no intention for this cycle to resurrect or replace the desktop-ready jingle. Primarily we are just focused for this cycle on the sound to be played when lightdm is ready. Synchronization in my opinion is crucial here.

We can follow this up on IRC.


On 10/02/12 11:21, David Henningsson wrote:

Hopefully I'm sending this to the relevant people, let me know otherwise (or just forward to those).

I'm trying to track down the lack of startup sounds in 11.10 and 12.04.
I've written a summary in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/927459/comments/4

I'll give you some more technical details here:

1) There is no system-ready sound (the drums). This is because lightdm never triggers one, like gdm does. In detail: gnome-session-canberra provides /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow/libcanberra-ready-sound.desktop, with contains a call to "canberra-gtk-play". Using libcanberra is the recommended way to play event sounds. I was talking a bit to Conor about synchronising the sound with something visual happening, and my suggestion is: just try calling canberra-gtk-play. Should this be too slow (since PulseAudio starts/autospawns) at that point, one could consider autospawning PulseAudio earlier. You can autospawn pulseaudio by e g calling "pactl stat".

2) There is no session-login sound (the longer notes jungle like sound). This is because it is disabled, by this [1] patch in libcanberra, by Jeremy Bicha. There seems to be no reference to any discussion about it, just a statement saying "Disable the login sound by default, since it seems to be more disruptive than helpful especially with faster boots".

Both of these missing sounds cause problems for blind users, as voiced on an internal Canonical mailinglist (warthogs) recently.

In essence; my point is to get a decision that reviving these sounds is what we actually want, and if so, get the people who are responsible to actually make that happen.