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Using alsa-info in apport



Upstream (Takashi Iwai) has more than once asked for us to use alsa-info in launchpad, instead of the set of files we currently collect. I agree; there are a few advantages: * there is some information in alsa-info that we currently do not collect (current jack detection status at alsa level, initial pin config)
 * alsa-info can immediately be used in programs such as hda-emu.
* possibility to share maintenance of code with upstream instead of maintaining separate code bases (even if the code base isn't that large)

So, this would mean that we would remove most of the code in the attach_alsa() function in apport/hookutils.py, and instead just call alsa-info.sh and attach the result. PulseList and a few other things will remain. This also means we also ship alsa-info.sh as part of apport, and we sync that from upstream ALSA when we feel the need to.

Thoughts / opinions / etc?

// David

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