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Ubuntu-ca IRC meeting on 28 November 2023


Hi Everybodeee!  Just a reminder of the Ubuntu-ca IRC meeting tomorrow.
The main topic of the meeting is getting (or keeping) participation in
Release Parties, Ubuntu Hours and IRC meetings (oh, the irony!).

I've invited the Ubuntu Local Community Council (LoCo Council) and
contacts from other LoCo Teams to join us to learn what's worked for
other teams, and to take the LoCo Council up on their offer to help.

The meeting agenda is at
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2013/2013-11-28 (and
that's where minutes will get posted after the meeting)

Registration on the Ubuntu Canada LoCo Portal at
http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/2646/detail/ is appreciated, but
you can just drop in to the #ubuntu-ca channel on irc.freenode.net

If you're using a browser use the Freenode Webchat:

The meeting times across the globe are:

4:00pm Pacific Standard Time
5:00pm Mountain Standard Time
6:00pm Central Standard Time
7:00pm Eastern Standard Time
8:00pm Atlantic Standard Time
8:30pm Newfoundland Standard Time

and for our International guests, 00:00 UTC (which is actually 29
November in Europe, Africa and Asia)

See you all tomorrow!

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