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scot3004-gmail declined by cegope


Hello Concilio de Ubuntu Colombia,

The membership status of Scot3004-gmail (scot3004-gmail) in the team
Ubuntu Colombia (ubuntu-co) was changed by Cesar Gomez (cegope) from
Proposed to Declined.

Cesar Gomez said:
 Hola Scot:
Te faltan algunos pasos para solicitar la membresia:
1. Tu enlace de wikipedia,
Hi Scot:
You are missing some steps to apply for membership:
1. Your link to wikipedia,
2. Put a contact email,
3. Sign the Coc (Code of Conduct)
and please re-send the request
2. Pon un email de contacto,
3. Firma el Coc (codigo de conducta),
y porfavor vuelve a enviar la solicitud.

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