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Fwd: [U-co] Evento: Interoperabilidad Ubuntu - Windows (3 de noviembre) -- CARTA MARK SHUTTLEWORTH


Don Forigua un favor... será que en el reporte podemos incluir la carta de
Mark para publicar todo en ubuntu-co.com y pasarla por el planet ?

muy agradecido

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From: Andres Mujica <amujicaz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2011/11/4
Subject: Re: [U-co] Evento: Interoperabilidad Ubuntu - Windows (3 de
To: Ubuntu Colombia <ubuntu-co@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Ya pronto vamos a publicar el reporte del evento y compartir la
presentación.  En general el evento fue un éxito como bien dijo forigua en
Facebook, nada diferente a lo esperado acorde a la expectativa generada.

Aprovecho para contarles que por motivo del TEMA del evento, Mark
Shuttleworth (fundador de Ubuntu) tuvo la gentileza de enviarnos sus
pensamientos referentes al tema, que me permito copiar a continuación.

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Fecha:     Thu, 03 Nov 2011 11:02:15 +0000 (03/11/11 06:02:15)

Andres, I would have been happy to send a video message but unfortunately
I'm travelling and can't organise that at such short notice. Hope the event
is a success and fun. If you want to convey some thoughts from me to the
attendees, I would say:

"Both Windows and Ubuntu are popular platforms aimed at widespread
deployment. It's essential for both our users that we interoperate well.
While we clearly compete for hearts and minds, we also have a mutual
interest in collaborating around that interoperability. Virtualization,
filesharing and, messaging and remote desktop access are all touchpoints
that customers and users talk about, and all ripe for constructive
engagement between our companies and communities.

        For members of the Ubuntu community, it's important to recognise
the difference between effective competition and ideological sniping; the
mission of Ubuntu is to bring Linux to everyone, and that requires a
pragmatic and constructive approach rather than an ideological one. I would
encourage you to find ways in which Ubuntu can be useful to people who also
use, by preference or requirement, Windows every day.

        For folk from Microsoft, I hope there is growing awareness of the
fact that Linux and Ubuntu are part of a dynamic ecosystem, that the
fundamental challenges facing proprietary software vendors have more to do
with changes in business models (such as Google and Apple's) than changes
in licensing, and that there are many areas in which communities like
Ubuntu and Windows have interests that are strongly aligned. Microsoft's
recent contributions to free software projects like Samba and the Linux
kernel suggest that such awareness is growing in the company.

        I hope your event is a great success!"

Hope that helps,

On 03/11/11 02:37, Andres Mujica wrote:
Hi Mark!  how's everything? how's the UDS going ?*

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