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LoCoRST, Project Support


Tal vez algunos ya lo hayan leido, pero me parece algo que el Proyecto de
Soporte podría utilizar... Aunque aún esta en fase de desarrollo.

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From: Martin Owens <doctormo@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 9:19 PM
Subject: LoCoRST, Project Support
To: "Ubuntu local community team (LoCo) contacts" <

Hello LoCo community,

A few days ago I posted a blog entry to show some Ubuntu Launchpad
Answer members one of the projects I delved into last year:


There seems to be a genuine interest in seeing this project realised.
And as I believe it would be very useful to all LoCo teams and anyone
who has to support Ubuntu users at home. I'm trying to gain support on
this cofundos project here:


If you can help fund this project or you can help program it, I would
like to hear from you. It requires python and xmpp (jabber) know-how.

The reason why I'm trying to do it this way instead of working on it
directly myself, is that I'm not able to deal with this and other things
with my current workload. But that shouldn't stop the project from being
successful if there is enough of a need out there.

It's mostly done, it just needs moving over from pyxmpp to xmpppy and
the ssh tunneling cleared up and it should be able to go into beta.


Best Regards, Martin Owens

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