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Minutes: Defect Analyst Brainstorming session - 2011/10/05


Here are the notes I took down,  corrections, additional comments, etc.
most welcome. 


1) feedback to roles and responsibilities
received from Rick Spencer:
> Role:
> Analyze defects reported about a team’s packages that are most 
> important for the quality of the release and customer perception, 
> and ensure that the defects are addressed by the engineering team.
> This requires creating and maintaining metrics for determining the
> quality of products and effectiveness of processes.
I think the role definition can be stronger. For example, it could start
with "The defect analyst is the primary driver for quality on their 
team. A successful defect analyst will do whatever is necessary to help 
their team release with maximum quality."

all basically ok with this. 

> Responsibilities:
  - Work with the QA team to ensure that necessary automated tests are 
in place, being run, and producing useful results.
  - Regularly provide the team and the team's Manager with an accurate 
understanding of the state of their projects at the appropriate level
  - Assist the Engineering Managers in channeling resources towards 
areas and issues that require attention.

Kate tried to forward original email, but some issues with mailer,  will
forward and make sure defect-analysts mail list is on,  so folks can
respond individually.  

Some clarity is probably needed on a few of the points. For instance on
bullet 2: provide the team and the team's Manager - should be DA's
specific team, not QA team,  some ambiguity by positioning. Kate also
requested that release team be added to the list of those who need to
understand status of area. 

AI: Kate reply to note on list and ensure defect-analysts are back on
the distribution so that they can follow up directly.

2) UDS Topics brainstorming

Discussion revolved around creating blueprints that will extend from
work done at London Sprint.   For cross functional topics like this,
please use "other" track for the blueprint. 

   Team Specific Bug review dashboard:   Brian to start off blueprint
       - use subscribed packages for team, as framework, so can be set
         for different teams.
   Team Specific Based Metrics:  Brian to start off blueprint draft 
       - use subscribed packages for a team, so can be set up for 
         different teams and sets of packages. 
   Summary of Team Specific Bugs,  Metrics:  Kate to start off blueprint
       - extract from team specifics into common overview for release

   Common process across all teams for use of milestones for bug: ??
       - set the milestone by launchpad janitor when they were fixed??
       - prototype it with old release on staging?  set all the
         milestones and look at historical data (bugs fixed by
         milestone as well as those fixed which were formally 
         assoicated with milestone).  discuss with launchpad team.
       - use of release tasks in bugs - really going to be fixed 
         in Oneiric vs. future SRU. 
       - consistency of use of milestones - be able to expect them 
         done to earlier.    As soon as plan to fix. 

   Automated package assignment for "no package" bug reports: Brian  
   Bug Lifecycle rework ??
     AI: Brian to review survey feedback, summarize impressions
     Kate wants to get states clarified, and plans drawn up 
     in P so, we can get this cleaned up with Launchpad team's help
     in Q, if not before. 

3) Bugs want to see fixed in P by certain milestones.
   AI all: brainstorm ways that the not fixed bugs from last release
   can be surfaced and tracked in low impact way,  and then get factored
   into work and committed to specific milestones during release.
   AI all: use rls-mgr-p-tracking tag for any bugs found for now, until
   we can come up with something better.
   AI Kate: discuss commitment to fix certain designated bugs by 
   specific milestones with the other managers at release sprint, 
   prep. for UDS.

4) Launchpad bug priorities
   Need to figure out a prioiritzed list of bugs that the defect
   analysts feel is important to have addressed. (Searching for
   information inside launchpad,  API's missing, timeouts, etc.)
   AI: each DA subscribe top 5 bugs to defect-analyst-list
   AI: In brainstorming session,  discuss and prioritize the top ones
   for the virtual team.

5) Back to regular meetings on Monday.
   Kate will miss next monday.  Volunteers to host?

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