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Re: The latest and greatest in reporting ...


On Wed, 2011-10-19 at 07:21 -0700, Brad Figg wrote:
> I have created some of the reports for the QA team, the
> release manager and the hardware enablement team. I've
> pulled all of this scripting together into a single, small
> source repository.
>    git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/bradf/ubuntu-bug-report-kit
> Some of the latest improvements:
>    1. I've fixed up the two css themes that I use so the
>       "light" theme looks just as good (if not better)
>       than the "dark" theme. I actually prefer the light
>       theme myself now.

Very much like the "light" them as well.  :)
>    2. I'm particularly happy with a new filtering tab that
>       I've added to the reports. This allows the user to
>       easily filter out parts of the report that they are
>       not interested in. For an example, look at:
> http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/kernel-bugs/reports/rls-mgr-p-tracking-bugs.html
> http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/_kernel_hot_.html#

Really like the concept here!!  a lot!!!   :D

Given the filtering available on releases, probably need to clarify that
the release specified is "release when the bug was found".  I started
selecting/deselecting and had to ponder for a sec, when I selected
"Precise" and there was nothing there.  ;)   Possibly adding the letter
of the release to the Found column?   ie.  beta-1 would become 
"O beta-1" or even "O B1";  when we get to the milestone releases, this
would remove ambiguity about how old the bug is. 

A couple of other bits of feedback from when I started clicking around,
  a) can no longer click on the bug number to hotlink to the bug itself.
     This was really useful,  can it please be put back. :)
  b) Reports currently aren't showing the closed stats of the bugs
     Now that this can be explicitly filtered in the options tab,
     probably be good to pull them into the report?
> Now, this code still doesn't match up with certain coding
> standards and probably works differently that some people
> would like but it's doing what I want it to and if you can
> make use of any of it or any of the ideas, you are welcome
> to do so.

Fully intend to.  Thank you again.  :)


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