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My top 5 Launchpad bugs


In no particular order here are the top 5 Launchpad bugs I'd like to see

LP: #605293 - bug watches for archived debian bug reports appear not to
    They are actually showing up as Fix Released now which is wrong and
makes it very hard to tell from what set of bugs we may be able to find
a fix upstream.
LP: #846003 - janitor shouldn't blindly set duplicate bugs to Fix
    I found about 232 cases where the janitor, using changelog info, set
a duplicate bug to Fix Released.  That's 232 less bugs!  Really the
janitor knows or can know whether or not a bug is a duplicate and should
do something smarter.
LP: #456502 - bug to question not available in the API
    You have to use the web interface to convert a bug to a question and
converting a bug to question would be useful for enforcing a minimum bug

LP: #29713 - bug search fails to find results despite exact search
string being in bug titles
LP: #878532 - findSimilarBugs() in the Launchpad API returns strange
    Both of these bugs are important to me for the same reason.  I
suspect we have lots of duplicate bug reports in Launchpad and it would
be useful if the text searching within and using Launchpad returned
relevant results.

Brian Murray
Ubuntu Bug Master

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