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[Bug 232170] Re: EeePC Volume and Wireless Hotkeys Do Not Function Out-Of-The-Box with Ubuntu (8.04 Hardy LTS, Intrepid Alpha 1)


BTW, I've added bluetooth control (a very minor change) to eeepc-
laptop.ko, based upon more recent (and deprecated) eeepc-acpi.ko code to
my local clone of ubuntu-intrepid.git:

commit e3c8316f0a41fdea91ee1e087578119000f24a9f
Author: Adam McDaniel <>
Date:   Mon Sep 22 16:53:06 2008 -0600

    EEEPC: Added bluetooth attribute to /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/bt
    accessible through eeepc-laptop module, just like deprecated eeepc-acpi module.

Eventually this can be used to switch the built-in bluetooth radio
on/off in this eeepc-laptop module, too, without the need of user-space
ACPI scripts.  Unfortunately, I cannot test this patch directly as I
don't have an EeePC 901/1000/1000h.

If someone with one could apply it and verify if
"/sys/devices/platform/eeepc/bt" is created, and writing 0 or 1 will
disable/enable it.  (Devices that lack on-board bluetooth should not see
this file.)

** Attachment added: "Patch to add on-board bluetooth radio control to eeepc-laptop.ko"

EeePC Volume and Wireless Hotkeys Do Not Function Out-Of-The-Box with Ubuntu (8.04 Hardy LTS, Intrepid Alpha 1)
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
EEEPC, which is a direct subscriber.

Status in “acpi-support” source package in Ubuntu: New
Status in “linux” source package in Ubuntu: Triaged
Status in “acpi-support” source package in Debian: Fix Released

Bug description:
The Asus EeePC is a popular subnotebook computer.

With a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) the wireless (fn+f2) and volume hotkeys (fn+f7/f8/f9) do not function.

Expected function:
fn+f2: Toggle wireless
fn+f7: Mute/Unmute
fn+f8: Volume up
fn+f9: Volume down

Workarounds are documented here:
Wireless Hotkey: http://wiki.eeeuser.com/getting_ubuntu_8.04_to_work_perfectly#wifi_hotkeys
Volume Hotkeys: http://wiki.eeeuser.com/getting_ubuntu_8.04_to_work_perfectly#hotkeys
Although I have not had much success at getting these working myself.

It would be great if these would work out-of-the-box with 8.04.1 or Intrepid.