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Re: Core Components (and Extra Components)


On 11-08-03 01:05 PM, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> On 3 August 2011 12:43, Marc Tardif <marc.tardif@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> * Jeff Lane <jeffrey.lane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2011-07-18 21:04 -0400]:
>>> On 07/14/2011 04:30 PM, Chad Davis wrote:
>>>> I believe that it depends on the use case. Reading a CD I would call
>>>> core; burning a CD I would call extra. But, maybe this example is too
>>>> easy, if it always works. (Or maybe I say that because my Mac can't
>>>> boot from USB).
>>> That's not unreasonable, though like Daniel, I am probably not the
>>> best target audience for this.  In fact, the ONLY working optical
>>> drive I have now is a USB DVD-RW that I use two or three times a
>>> year to read in an old data DVD.  Everything else is stored on flash
>>> cards, USB sticks, or USB pluggable hard disks.  I don't use Optical
>>> Media for anything beyond long-ish term storage of photography.
>> I would second Chad's suggestion to make reading core, especially for
>> DVD optical drives, because of the use case for watching movies.
> Well, of course, Ubuntu can't actually play the vast majority of DVD
> movies until the user enables the restricted decryption libraries.

Agreed, however if the user has problems playing DVDs, goes to the
trouble of installing needed software, then finds out his optical drive
doesn't actually work / read <- this is the kind of hardware
compatibility we're trying to test. We're testing hardware's
friendliness to Ubuntu, not Ubuntu's friendliness to users :)

> It's the same with the Flash tests; how can we check if something
> works if the software isn't even installed?

Same thing, how much does hardware support factor into Flash working or
not? I'm not even sure that Flash on Linux supports hardware
acceleration so as long as the graphics card works (something that can
be verified with some other test cases) Flash itself should work.

The Flash tests may lack one thing, that being a dependency on the
actual Flash package. I don't test this if it's not installed. May this
help better target the testing of this feature?

> Burning a CD is absolutely core and there's no reason it shouldn't
> work on any computer that can run Ubuntu.

That is, assuming the drive does support writing :)

> Jeremy Bicha


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