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Suggestion for a possibility to have a stable version of Ubuntu Gnome 3.6


As we can't have a clean Gnome 3.6 because of Unity's dependencies and the
goal to be an official release, I have thought about the second best
solution to this dilemma.

I think that would be to have a "stable ppa" for the, that would include
the latest stable version of Gnome, the missing Gnome-parts from Ubuntu to
make stable Gnome 3.6, 3.8..... maintained by the "Ubuntu Gnome Remix
Developers" team,
or use the “GNOME3 Team” ppa if that's better.
This ppa should be available in package-kit / software-center / synaptic,
but not be enabled by default.

It would give the user the possibility to choose between the official and
the upstream release and we wouldn't have to rely on any testing ppa's for
an upstream Gnome experience.

What do you think ?

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