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Re: New idea for a Plymouth theme


On 2 October 2012 05:25, Ebbe Rasmussen <emrdanmark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Have a look at this one:
> http://worldofgnome.org/gnome-system-startup-screens-designs/
> This could be cool to have as startup-screen, fits gdm and Gnome-Shell
> perfectly

Right, as far as I can tell, that is currently just a mockup.

Everaldo's first submission for the Ubuntu GNOME plymouth theme was a
similar textured gray background. It was great, but unfortunately, gdm
shows the system default wallpaper for a few seconds after plymouth
before the textured gray overlay of the log in screen. I thought that
was a bit disruptive.

I don't really want to change plymouth (except for bugfixes) for 12.10
since we're quite late in the release cycle, but we can try different
things for 13.04.


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