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Installing Firefox


I've been playing quite a bit, basically trying to script my desired changes post-install, and I notice that just directly installing 'firefox' also wants to install 'firefox-globalmenu' which may not be a big deal since we use 'ubuntu-gnome-default-settings' but I'm finding it preferable to use the command:

sudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install firefox

Is this something we should think about going forward in Raring?

I hope I'm not just being a pain in the neck. I'm very impressed with the simplicity of Mutter, and even more so with Metacity + Gnome panel.

I find that the classic (no effects) session runs quite well on as little as an 1100 mhz CPU w/VIA P4M800 graphics & 1 GB of RAM ;^)

No doubt Lubuntu will work just as well, but I've loved Gnome for a long, long time and it's nice to be able to use what one loves.


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