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Software Center instead of gnome-packagekit


I think we should use Ubuntu Software Center by default instead of
"Software" (gnome-packagekit or gpk) for the Ubuntu GNOME Remix.

- Ubuntu Software Center is one of Ubuntu's best features with ratings
and reviews, screenshots, app icons, access to commercial software,
and decent search.

- Software on the other hand is currently pretty disappointing
(although it will be the default in Debian Wheezy). I think the
proposed Software redesign is a ways off still.

- Other GNOME distros (Mageia and openSUSE) ship their own software
management apps.

- This also means that we would switch to Ubuntu's Update Manager
instead of the gnome-packagekit updater which is hidden in the
Software app menu.

- Both Update Manager and the Software Center get a lot more attention
from Ubuntu developers than the gpk tools.


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