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Translation testing


Hi David!

Just a short question concerning translation testing that came up during Bug
day yesterday.

Is there a way to see the current state of translations in Natty (on a
running system, not in Launchpad)? Because it's really difficult to see if
problems are already solved or just exist because some translation wasn't
exported from Launchpad yet.

For Lucid and Maverick we do have the PPA, which is updated semi-weekly, so
that gives you a preview of fixed bugs. But there isn't anything like that
for Natty that I know of.

Other packages also release updates for Natty very often so you can see,
which bugs have been fixed and which bugs need to be fixed when testing

So maybe before a new release we could set up a PPA that provides updated
translations (language-pack) as often as possible (maybe every other day or
every day?) that we can see what still has to be done and don't have to
waste time searching Launchpad Bugs or Translations.

Hendrik Knackstedt