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[Bug 1073359] Re: "Media Keys test" window not translated


This bug was fixed in the package checkbox - 0.15

checkbox (0.15) raring; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (LP: #1097626):

  * Launchpad automated translation updates

  [ Daniel Manrique ]
  * New version 0.15 for Raring Ringtail development.
  * Fail gracefully with a friendly and useful error message if audio settings
    file format is invalid. (LP: #1065703)
  * Added environ key to poweroff and reboot jobs so they create logs in the
    expected location (LP: #1085833)
  * Added reporting of dependencies that are outright missing from the
    whitelist to avoid confusion (LP: #1084986)
  * scripts/memory_compare: Fixed accumulator expression to give good results
    (LP: #1089046)
  * added scripts/key_test to the list of translatable files (LP: #1073359)
  * Added wireless network devices to networking/info local job (LP: #1089787)
  * Updated call to Thread constructor to use positional arguments
    (LP: #1097866)
  * [FEATURE] checkbox/job.py: Fixed intltool warning about unnamed
    parameters in string, applied pep8 fixes.
  * checkbox-cli progress indicator is now static, spinning around instead of
    filling the screen with dots. (LP: #926104)
  * Increased version number after final Ubuntu Quantal release.
  * Added environment resource to whitelists (LP: #1067038)
  * Added retrying pactl commands in case audio layer is not up yet
    (LP: #1065908)
  * Removed references to inexistent opts.verbose setting (LP: #1070829)
  * Added unit test to catch jobs with mismatching environ and actual
    variables used in shell command (LP: #955053)
  * Forced utf-8 decoding on modinfo output and updated to use check_output
    instead of communicate (LP: #1055730)
  * [FEATURE] Added oem-config directory to setup.py so it builds correctly.
  * jobs/peripheral.txt.in: Fixed a typo in the DSL job. (LP: #1039192)
  * jobs/resource.txt.in: Added usb resource that indicates which versions of
    the protocol are supported (currently only reports for USB 2.0 and 3.0).
  * scripts/removable_storage_watcher, scripts/removable_storage_test: Added
    a parameter to specify minimum speed to accept a device, and a parameter
    to fail removable_storage_test if the transfer speed is below a threshold.
  * jobs/usb.txt.in: Added usb3 jobs that will only pass if an actual USB 3.0
    device is inserted/removed/tested.
  * scripts/audio_test: made the default mode verbose, it now sends all
    output to stderr (but still exits a proper return value). Jobs using it
    are updated to remove the now-unneeded -v parameter.
  * Added tests to ensure all job files are declared in setup.cfg,
    po/POTFILES.in and included in jobs/local.txt.in. (LP: #1052986)
  * setup.cfg, po/POTFILES.in, jobs/local.txt.in: Fixed so the tests pass.
    (LP: #1052986)
  * [FEATURE] checkbox/tests/message_files.py: Added a test to validate
    that all shell jobs have descriptions (LP: #1052992).
  * [FEATURE] jobs/stress.txt.in: Updated some shell jobs that had no
    description (LP: #1052992).
  * [FEATURE] Added a test to verify that jobs contain only keys
    declared in the schema (avoid stray keys).

  [ Brendan Donegan ]
  * [FEATURE] Add environment_info plugin which sets environment variables
    according to the values set in the plugin via Checkboxes INI files.
  * [FEATURE] Added semi-automated wireless tests which require only a single
    router to run, prompting the user to modify the routers config during
    the test.
  * [FEATURE] Added semi-automated wireless after suspend tests to suspend.txt.in,
    since they were missed in the previous merge
  * Attach the output of udev_resource, for debugging purposes (LP: #974271)
  * Remove default value from windows_number argument since the logic following
    it dictates that it's only valid for certain tests (LP: #1047621)
  * jobs/audio.txt.in - fix description of audio/playback_hdmi (LP: #1052136)
  * [FEATURE] plugin/environment_info.py - allow BT device address to be set
    in the checkbox.ini file to facilitate self-testing
  * jobs/keys.txt.in, scripts/key_test - Fix keys/battery test to have correct
    fields and tidy up pep8 violations in key_test script (LP: #1054410)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/power-management.txt.in, jobs/touchpad.txt.in,
    jobs/sniff.txt.in - Fix incorrect formatting of job descriptions to
    allow steps to be displayed by the UI (LP: #1054208)
  * Remove networking/bandwidth job since it is not useful (LP: #1009658)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/suspend.txt.in - pipe output of bluetooth_obex jobs through ansi_parser
    to avoid invalid characters ending up in the submission.xml (LP: #1060332)
  * scripts/network_reconnect_resume_test - map reconnect time strings to float
    that they can be used in calculations later on (LP: #1064385)
  * scripts/network_reconnect_resume_test - convert map of reconnect times into
    a list in order to check if the list is empty (LP: #1064425)
  * Change forward-slashes to asterisks in the filename of a connection, since
    this is what NetworkManager does internally (LP: #1073335)
  * Create a test to move a 3D window around the screen to check if there is any tearing
    or other artifacts.
  * jobs/info.txt.in - add an xrandr attachment job to provide information
    about displays connected to the system (LP: #1085219)
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in - changed suspend_advanced_auto dependency of key_after_suspend
    and led_after_suspend tests to suspend/suspend_advanced, since they are manual and
    should depend on the manual suspend test (LP: #1089227)
  * scripts/piglit_test, jobs/piglit.txt.in - create a script which wraps and
    parses the piglit test results and use it in the piglit jobs
  * scripts/touchhpad_driver_info - changed the shebang to python3, since it is
    using modules that will only be installed for python3 (LP: #1089727)
  * plugins/recover_prompt.py - changed the order of the buttons in the recover
    prompt to put them in the same order as mentioned in the text (LP: #1092143)
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in - fix typo that was introduced into suspend_advanced job
    by a previous bug fix (LP: #1096799)
  * jobs/miscellanea.txt.in, plugins/environment_info.py - added test to check
    a sources file for specific repositories to make sure they are present
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in - make sure FWTS logs end with .log so file names
    don't get tampered with (LP: #1065932)
  * plugins/launchpad_exchange.py - Remove call to string_to_type on
    self.timeout, which is an int (LP: #1066967)
  * checkbox/lib/templates.py, jobs/resources.txt.in, jobs/wireless.txt.in,
    jobs/suspend.txt.in - Don't try and coerce keys of resource jobs to
    lowercase, as it upset the core of Checkbox (LP: #1067280)
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in - created new batch of wireless tests depending only on
    suspend_advanced so that they will run in manual testing (LP: #1067678)
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in - Let suspend_advanced only depend on
    power-management/rtc (LP: #1067692)
  * scripts/resolution_test - Slightly clarify output of script so that it's
    a bit more obvious why it failed (LP: #1065976)
  * Allow verification and interaction to be used as aliases for manual tests
    so that we can distinguish between tests which are partly manual and
    those which are entirely manual.
  * plugins/launchpad_exchange.py - make sure exchange-error signal is sent
    with a string instead of an Exception (LP: #1066862)
  * scripts/network_check - Get the base page for cdimage.ubuntu.com instead
    of some subdirectory which may or may not change in future (LP: #1065855)
  * scripts/internet_test - Wait some time (ten seconds) for the ARP cache to
    be populated, as it can be slow on some systems
  * Change the plugin types verification and interaction to user-verify and
    user-interact, to clarify their meaning.
  * Added a unit test to ensure user-verify and user-interact jobs
    have a command
  * Change most of the job plugin fields to use the appropriate new plugin type,
    i.e. user-verify or user-interact.
  * scripts/audio_settings - Use pactl instead of pacmd where possible as it
    is better maintained than pacmd (LP: #1067026)

  [ Jeff Lane ]
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in - removed incorrect multiple router requirement for
    suspend/wireless_after_suspend (LP: #1070333)
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in - fixed cycle_resolutions_after_suspend_auto so that it
    properly depends on suspend_advanced_auto rather than suspend_advanced
    (LP: #1071605)
  * jobs/graphics.txt.in - removed perl wrappings from tests using
    unity_support_test. They should pipe through ansi_parser like other jobs.
    (LP: #1087777)
  * jobs/info.txt.in - added job info/disk_partitions (LP: #1081833)
  * jobs/stress.txt.in, jobs/suspend.txt.in - fixed a bug in the command for
    the suspend jobs where checkbox was getting the exitcode for tee rather
    than for sleep_test or fwts_test (LP: #1095713)
  * jobs/stress.txt.in, jobs/hibernate.txt.in - increased device-check-delay
    from 30 seconds to 45 seconds to avoid a race condition.
    jobs/suspend.txt.in - added 45 second device-check-delay to the
    suspend_advanced and suspend_avanced_auto jobs to avoid a race condition.
    (LP: #1095668)
  * jobs/bluetooth.txt.in - added pipefail to bluetooth/detect-output
    jobs/suspend.txt.in - added pipefail to suspend/network_before_suspend
    (LP: #1096948)
  * scripts/sleep_test - Added timeing code to create start/end markers in
    for each sleep/resume iteration.  Pull kernel timestamps to determine the
    time to sleep and time to resume for each iteration.  Output the times for
    each iteration and an average time for all iterations.  Tweaks to output to
    make it all look better. Verified perf code doesn't run on S4 tests.
    scripts/fwts_test - Added similar performance code to fwts_test.  Added
    sleep test functions to fwts_test to provide the ability to run sleep tests
    via fwts using the wrapper.  Tweaked the output to make it pretty. Added
    some code to prevent the perf stuff from running on S4 tests.
    jobs/suspend.txt, jobs/stress.txt, jobs/hibernate.txt - modifed jobs to use
    the shell code to call fwts_test if fwts is installed and fall back to
    sleep_test otherwise.  Modifed the commands so that they all call fwts_test
    rather than fwts directly.  Ensured all are calling with the proper
    options. Fixed log name problems that caused log attachment jobs to not
  * checkbox/parsers/modinfo.py - added exception handling to address possible
    bad output from modinfo causing a ValueError to occur. (LP: #1066118)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/expresscard.txt.in - renamed pcmcia-pcix.txt to
    renamed pcmcia-pcix/detect to expresscard/verification. Modified
    instructions slightly.
    data/whitelists/default.whitelist - modified list to reflect new
    expresscard test name.
    jobs/local.txt.in - changed __pcmcia-pcix__ job to reflect changes to the
    job name
    qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp - modified the list of testnames to reflect changes
    to the expresscard test
    setup.cfg - modified the list of job files since I renamed pcmcia-pcix.txt
  * scripts/sleep_test, scripts/fwts_test - removed the code that triggered a
    fail if the system took too long to sleep or resume. Also removed the
    options to set sleep or resume time from sleep_test as they were no longer
    jobs/hibernate.txt.in, jobs/suspend.txt.in, jobs/stress.txt.in - added
    environ: to the sleep jobs so the logs would be written properly. Modified
    suspend jobs to also write output to log files so we can capture timing
    data. Added jobs to parse the new sleep times logs and faile if outside the
    scripts/sleep_time_check - added script to check the logs generated by
    the sleept tests and fail if the average times exceed a given threshold
    po/POTFILES.in - changed the pcmcia-pcix.txt.in pointer to expresscard.txt.in
  * removed xorg_memory_test and graphics/xorg-memory as the test produces no
    real benefit and fails about 100% of the time. (LP: #764376)
  * scrips/volume_test - script now only fails if volume is greater than maxvol or
    less than minvol, not when equal to either. (LP: #1077008)
  * Added root user requirement to all jobs using removable storage test
    (LP: #1014813)
  * scripts/alsa_info - updated script to latest version available
    (LP: #1078837)
  * jobs/mediacard.txt.in - fixed the depends for all *remove* mediacard tests
    to more properly depend on the insert tests rather than storage.
    (LP: #1070328)
  * scripts/removable_storage_test (total overhaul):
    * Added --iterations option, now you can run -i iterations of -c files of
      -s size.
    * Added RandomData class to generate test files using a much faster method.
    * Replaced copy_file() with file_write() and file_read() to take advantage of
      buffer flushing and fsync() opeations not available to shutils/copy2.
    * Redid the runtime bits of main() so now for every device found, it runs I
      iterations of C files.
    * Redid output so now you get an avg write speed per iteration and a summary
      at the end of all iterations for each device.
  * scripts/wifi_reconnect_resume_test: fixed a bug where timestamps being
    grabbed from dmesg were strings instead of floats (LP: #1038270)
  * jobs/stress.txt.in: added two sample jobs to demonstrate the new features
    of removable_storage_test
  * jobs/piglit.txt.in: added jobs that run the piglit graphics test suite
  * scripts/lsmod_info: added script to provide better lsmod output for the
    lsmod_attachment job using the power of the modinfo parser
    jobs/info.txt.in: modified lsmod_attachment job to use lsmod_info script
    rather than just lsmod output (LP: #1043531)
  * Cleaning up duplicated modinfo code: (LP: #1043521)
    * checkbox/parsers/modinfo.py: added a parser to handle output from modinfo
    * scripts/audio_driver_info: modified to use modinfo parser
    * scripts/network_device_info: modified to use modinfo parser
    * scripts/accelerometer_test: modified to use modinfo parser
  * Cleaning up missing touchpad driver info bits: (LP: #1052942)
    * scripts/touchpad_driver_info: added script from automation sprint to get
      driver info for installed/detected touchpad devices
    * jobs/info.txt.in: added job to get driver info during info job phase.
      Moved audio_driver_info and network_driver_info into info.txt.in because
      they are better suited there. Moved network_device_info job into
  * jobs/wireless.txt.in: Added jobs to individually test 802.11a/b/g/n
    connections. This is necessary for adequate QA testing (LP: #1042425)
  * setup.py: added checkbox.dbus to packages (LP: #1052601)
  * jobs/optical.txt.in: removed the optical/dvd_movie_playback job definition
    as it was redundant (LP: #868643)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/fingerprint.txt.in: Cleaned up the definitions to
    match current Unity (LP: #946184)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/usb.txt.in: replaced the usb/mouse and usb/keyboard tests
    with usb/HID to combine them so the tester can choose one device rather
    than requiring multiple devices. (LP: #1053032)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/keys.txt.in: modified the battery info key job to
    use the keys_test script as we do with other hotkey tests (LP: #990538)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/bluetooth.txt.in: removed the bluetooth/keyboard job
    and modified bluetooth/mouse to be bluetooth/HID and allow the tester
    to choose a device to use. (LP: #1053010)
  * jobs/piglit.txt.in: fixed the texturing job that was incorrectly using the
    word texturize, causing the tests to not run (LP: #1060432)

  [Sylvain Pineau]
  * jobs/info.txt.in: Fixed the requirement of info/touchpad_driver.
  * jobs/info.txt.in: Fixed the info/xrandr command.
  * jobs/audio.txt.in: Added Line In/Out and Display Port tests.
  * checkbox/tests/test_message_files.py:
    test_shell_jobs_with_root_have_needed_environ now checks every jobs
    containing a command line parameter.
  * jobs/graphics.txt.in: Set the bash pipefail option for tests using
    unity_support_test and piped to ansi_parser.
  * scripts/network_device_info: Set the driver version to 'Unknown' if the
    modinfo_parser returns nothing (LP: #1089911)
  * scripts/kvm_test: Add verbose output on errors (LP: #1086048)
  * [FEATURE] scripts/network_restart, jobs/stress.txt.in: Added a new stress
    test: network restart.
  * debian/control: Fixed a missing dependency (python3-pkg-resources) to build
    the package (LP: #1066502)
  * jobs/stress.txt.in: stress/sdhc now launches removable_storage_test with
    --memorycard. stress/sdhc and stress/usb run with root privileges to mount
    all partitions (LP: #1065862)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/stress.txt.in: Added a wireless hotkey stress test.
  * jobs/power-management.txt.in: Fixed path to the /proc acpi lid button
    (LP: #1068799)
  * scripts/fwts_test: Properly handle UnicodeDecodeError when parsing syslog
    (LP: #1075080)
  * scripts/camera_test: Fix the camera resolution test to give the pixelformat
    to use with fswebcam (LP: #1073176)
  * checkbox/parsers/udevadm.py: Enhanced bluetooth detection by looking at the
    RFKILL_TYPE property (LP: #1075052)
  * jobs/virtualization.txt.in, scripts/kvm_test, jobs/miscellanea.txt.in,
    setup.cfg: Added a new KVM test to ensure that a VM boots and works
    properly with KVM.
  * jobs/suspend.txt.in, scripts/gpu_test: Update the job description and the
    script docstrings from Flash to HTML5 video playback.
  * [FEATURE] scripts/removable_storage_test, scripts/removable_storage_watcher,
    jobs/mediacard.txt.in: Added memory cards detection (on bus other than sdio)
    and a new automated (based on usb/storage-pre-inserted) for SD cards.
  * scripts/camera_test, jobs/camera.txt.in: Added a 10s timeout to the camera
    still test (LP: #990133)
  * scripts/graphics_stress_test, scripts/rendercheck_test, jobs/stress.txt.in:
    Exit with proper error message if rendercheck is not installed.
    (LP: #1048262)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/suspend.txt.in: Add usb wakeup tests (mouse and keyboard).
  * [FEATURE] jobs/rendercheck.txt.in, po/POTFILES.in, setup.cfg: Fixed
    the rendercheck tests, added the suite file to setup.cfg/POTFILES.in
    and moved the rendercheck/tarball job into an attachment (LP #1053033)
  * scripts/memorycard_resource, scripts/removable_storage_test,
    scripts/removable_storage_watcher: Fixed the memorycard regexp flags and
    add the DriveVendor Udisks property to the re.search() string (LP: #1050920)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/mediacard.txt.in: Added SDXC, MS, MSP and XD memory card
  * setup.py: Add the missing checkbox.heuristics module (LP: #1064220)
  * scripts/pts_run: Force pts_run to exit on errors as phoronix-test-suite
    always exits with success (LP: #1061297)
  * [FEATURE] jobs/keys.txt.in: Added video-out and touchpad keys tests.
  * [FEATURE] jobs/keys.txt.in, jobs/led.txt.in, jobs/suspend.txt.in: Provide
    leds and special keys tests after suspend. Volume and Mute key tests now
    use the key_test script. Fix steps numbering for led/wireless.

  [Marc Tardif]
  * plugins/environment_info.py: Enabling environment to take precedence
    over configuration files.
  * setup.py: added support for installing in virtualenv
  * setup.py: made build dependency on qt4-make optional
  * debian/control: Added python3-gi to run checkbox-qt.
  * jobs/input.txt.in, jobs/touchpad.txt.in: Added input/pointing tests
    and simplified horizontal/vertical scrolling tests.
  * scripts/touchpad_scroll_resource, scripts/xinput_resource: Replaced
    the touchpad_scroll_resource by reusing the xinput_resource script.
  * plugins/error_prompt.py: Fixed call to show_error (LP: #1075605)
  * scripts/touchpad_scroll_resource: Added support for systems without
    a touchpad (LP #1045066)
  * [FEATURE] scripts/xinput_resource, checkbox/parsers/xinput.py: Xinput
    resource script to test multitouch devices.
  * patch/0.14.2: Fixed patch to rmtree instead of rmdir scripts directory.
  * [FEATURE] debian/checkbox.templates, debian/checkbox.config: Added support to
    preseed properties in environment_info plugin.
  * setup.py: Fixed required dependency on distutils-extra by providing
    fake implementations of build_i18n and build_icons (LP #1049218)
  * checkbox/parsers/description.py: Fixed the PURPOSE and STEPS parts
    of the description parser to automatically fix bad descriptions.
  * [FEATURE] tools/lint: Added script to consistently check syntax.
  * [FEATURE] jobs/touchpad.txt.in, jobs/touchscreen.txt.in: Added singletouch
    and multitouch for touchpads and touchscreens.
  * Cleaning up test modules.
  * Removed package.name == 'linux' only needed by the apport_prompt plugin.

  [Sean Feole]
  * [FEATURE] jobs/optical.txt.in: modified existing automation test
    jobs. Added a _description field to each so that the test cases properly
    appear in the checkbox UI (LP: #1064189)
  * scripts/network-reconnect-resume-time: fixed the wifi-reconnect-resume-time
    script to also check wired connections for completeness (LP: #1042391)
  * [FEATURE] scripts/battery_test: measures battery capacity before and after
    an activity and determines battery life at the rate of drain.
    jobs/power-management.txt.in: added two manual tests to ask the user to
    unplug and then re-plug the laptop so that three new automated battery
    drain tests can run:
   * power-management/battery_drain_idle
   * power-management/battery_drain_movie
   * power-management/battery_drain_sleep

  [Zygmunt Krynicki]
  * scripts/removable_storage_watcher - properly detect removal of 'firewire',
    'usb' and 'sdio devices' when either or both 'ata_serial_esata' or 'scsi'
    were provided on command line, in addition to the device actually being
    manipulated. (LP: #1066948)
  * checkbox/dbus/udisks2.py: Fix typo in fireware name LP: #1070859
  * scripts/udev_resource: Use simpler interfaces
  * checkbox/parsers/udevadm.py: Allow using UdevadmParser with a string
  * Fixed simple duplicate 'the' mistakes (LP: #1040022)
  * Fix incorrect debconf template description for 802.11n open access point
    SSID (LP: #1049563)
  * Add new utility, scripts/udisks2_monitor, for looking at various storage
    changes interactively
  * Make scripts/removable_storage_watcher {insert,remove} properly validate
    the 'device' argument (bus type) and require at least one value
  * [FEATURE] scripts/removable_storage_watcher: add support for debugging

  [Jeff Marcom]
  * jobs/keys.txt.in - Fixed job command line to have appropriate volume "Up"
    and Volume "Down" UI instructions.
  * Fixed bug where previous test description and instructions were displayed
    while an automated test was running (LP: #1012377)
  * scripts/accelerometer_test, jobs/input.txt.in: Improved ability to detect
    oem manufacturer info, and cleanup up job step formatting.
  * /jobs/touchpad.txt.in: Fixed instruction steps for manual touchpad horizontal
     and vertical tests.
  * scripts/audio_settings, jobs/audio.txt.in: Added automated switch to
    HDMI interface, modified corresponding jobs file..
  * jobs/audio.txt.in, added method to bypass return code of /scripts/audio_settings
    and instead only return the exit code for the appropriate audio test.
  * scripts/audio_settings: Added automated switch to restore previous
    audio profile setting

  [Alberto Milone]
  * [FEATURE] scripts/rendercheck_test: added test to take advantage of the
    rendercheck test suites.
    [FEATURE] jobs/rendercheck.txt.in: added jobs to run the rendercheck_test
    [FEATURE] jobs/local.txt.in: added job to parse rendercheck.txt.in job file
  * checkbox/contrib/gdk.py: removed legacy code and used python 3.
  * scripts/rotation_test:
    * Made sure to report all failures, not only the first.
    * Made it look more pythonic.
    * Fixed issues with python 3 and used python 3.
  * checkbox/contrib/xrandr.py:
    * Fixed issues with python 3 and used python 3 (LP: #1043155).
  * [FEATURE] scripts/window_test, jobs/graphics.txt.in: Added script
    window_test to open and close 3D windows in various conditions for
    graphics testing. Added three new window_test based jobs to graphics.txt.in.
  * [FEATURE] scripts/graphics_stress_test, jobs/stress.txt.in: Added script to
    do some graphics stress by ensuring the graphics system continues to
    function after several iterations of: switching VTs, suspend/resume, screen
    rotation and running the rendercheck graphics suite.

  [Chris Wayne]
  * [FEATURE] Added oem_config_test, related jobs and data files
  * [FEATURE] scripts/touchpad_scroll_resource, jobs/touchpad.txt.in:
    adding in touchpad scroll detection resource job, and modified jobs
    to require the capability to be present.

  [Matt Fischer]
  * scripts/audio_driver_info: added script to find info on loaded drivers
    jobs/audio.txt.in: added automated job to determine audio drivers loaded
    jobs/networking.txt.in: added a requires on networking/info for
    module-init-tools package.
    scripts/volume_test: cleanup and fixing a small issue
 -- Sylvain Pineau <sylvain.pineau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>   Wed, 09 Jan 2013 23:17:54 +0200

** Changed in: checkbox (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  "Media Keys test" window not translated

Status in Checkbox System Testing:
  Fix Released
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  Fix Released

Bug description:
  No translations shown for this window when running media keys test.

  ProblemType: Bug
  DistroRelease: Ubuntu 12.04
  Package: checkbox 0.13.7
  ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 3.2.0-32.51-generic-pae 3.2.30
  Uname: Linux 3.2.0-32-generic-pae i686
  ApportVersion: 2.0.1-0ubuntu14
  Architecture: i386
  Date: Tue Oct 30 23:42:34 2012
  InstallationMedia: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" - Release i386 (20120423)
   PATH=(custom, no user)
  SourcePackage: checkbox
  UpgradeStatus: No upgrade log present (probably fresh install)

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