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Proposal to release a PR through Canonical for 11.04 highlighting boot level support for Telugu and kannad



I am working with Prakash Advani to have a press release for 11.04

Here is a draft(enclosed). Please share your feedback if any by 24 Apr 2011.

Ubuntu telugu localisation coordinator

Canonical announces Ubuntu 11.04 with debut  of install support in Telugu,
Canonical today announced Ubuntu 11.04 with debut of install support in
Market Press Release 28 April 2011  – Canonical today announced release of
Ubuntu 11.04 with debut of install support in Telugu.

Ubuntu 11.04 is released with boot time locale support for Telugu and
Kannada. With this the Indian languages that are supported becomes 10 (Two
more than last year's release. The list of languages  Bengali
;English;Gujarati; Hindi;Kannada;Malayalam;

Thanks to the efforts of Debian Localisation teams and Ubuntu  localisation
teams, this has become possible. The availability of language at the time of
boot will help common people to start using  Ubuntu without muh knowledge of
English. "As several graphical user interfaces and applications like Firefox
and Libreoffice that are shipped with Ubuntu are already available in local
languages and several portals providing information in local languages, this
will help people including school students and elders   to start using  the
computers in their native languages" said Arjuna Rao Chavala, a Ubuntu
Telugu localisation coordinator.