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Re: Trademark question


On 03/06/2012 19:20, Andrej Znidarsic wrote:
> Hi!
> I was wondering if any official guidelines about which changes are we
> allowed to perform and still be allowed to keep Ubuntu name. Please
> point me out in the right direction if they exist.

Trademarks guidelines are here:


If you just change default langpacks and localize links and radio
stations you can keep calling it "ubuntu", the Italian team asked a
clarification about it before precise final and we released the CD as
"Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Italiano"

If you change heavily the package-set then it should be called "remix"

Btw, if you want to be sure you can send an email to
trademarks@xxxxxxxxxx with the list of changes,

Paolo Sammicheli
EMail: xdatap1(at)ubuntu.com
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