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[Bug 630558] Re: Multi-touch functionality in Maverick


<dutchie> i reckon so
<jenkins> ChrisWoollard: what about it
<ChrisWoollard> does anybody know how it works, and how much we need to cover?
<ChrisWoollard> in the manual?
<dutchie> do we need to cover any of it?
<ChrisWoollard> there is a bug
<nisshh> i dont think so
<dutchie> nobody's got any multitouch stuff to play with
<jenkins> I think mention it, but unless anyone knows how it works then we can't go into much detail
<ChrisWoollard> that is my problem
<ChrisWoollard> fair enough
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<jenkins> what big nuber is it?
<jenkins> )bug
<ChrisWoollard> https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/630558
<manualbot> Launchpad bug 630558 in ubuntu-manual "Multi-touch functionality in Maverick" [Medium,Confirmed]
<jenkins> Yep I think mention it as a margin note and put a link to the wikipage
<jenkins> make sense?
<ChrisWoollard> that will work

** Changed in: ubuntu-manual
    Milestone: ubuntu-manual-maverick-alpha => ubuntu-manual-maverick-rc

Multi-touch functionality in Maverick
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Status in Ubuntu Manual: Confirmed

Bug description:
A section about this somewhere - maybe in Hardware?