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[Bug 406626] Re: Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named in en_GB localisation


Hi guys,

Please stick to the HIG with this. Deviating from it will introduce
ambiguities when translating the documentation. I should also point out
that this isn't a localisation issue, it's a stylistic one. We have this
"terse" style in UK English too (newspaper headlines use something
similar, for example), and it's perfectly acceptable.

It's OK for action labels, like those on buttons or in pop-up menus, to
sound disjointed. They're not full sentences; rather they're "headings",
so there's no need for them to flow. The role of an action label is to
quickly identify a function, not to convey meaning, so there's no need
for the wording to sound pleasant. This would be different if we were
talking about (e.g.) the explanatory text in a dialog box, though.

Deleted Items Folder inconsistently named in en_GB localisation
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Status in The Gnome Panel Applets: Fix Released
Status in GNOME Common Scripts: Incomplete
Status in Gnome Documentation Project: Incomplete
Status in GVFS: Fix Released
Status in One Hundred Paper Cuts: Fix Released
Status in Nautilus: Fix Released
Status in Ubuntu Manual: Fix Committed
Status in Ubuntu Translations: Fix Released
Status in “gnome-applets” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
Status in “transmission” package in Ubuntu: Triaged

Bug description:
The deleted items folder is inconsistently named and is referred to as both Wastebasket and Deleted items, Ubuntu offers to 'Empty Deleted Items' but the window is headed Wastebasket. The URL to deleted items is also trash:/// in nautilus but this is possibly a seperate issue. An effect of this can be seen in #115661 also.

This could confuse new users and it should be a simple enough fix simply changing strings, so I believe it is a papercut.

from the Doc Team: the recommended term is now "Rubbish Bin"!