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[Bug 535371] Re: Translations keep disappearing


This happened to me for Ubuntu Manual.

I had translated about 700 strings/texts and then, after one update, all
disappeared. If it was the case of such typos as referred in the first
message, I don't believe it'd make sense to remove ALL the translations,
right? Or did every single one of them had minor changes?

I have to say this only happened to me in the Ubuntu Manual project.
I've translated some other projects in Launchpad and it never happened
to me, so I could agree it is probably some problem in Ubuntu Manual's
settings while importing translations, or something like that. Anyway,
don't you have any other idea that could make this happen?

Translations keep disappearing
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Manual Team, which is subscribed to Ubuntu Manual.

Status in Launchpad Translations: Incomplete
Status in Ubuntu Manual: New
Status in Ubuntu: Invalid

Bug description:
I maintain the Ubuntu Manual translations (see lp:ubuntu-manual). I am getting fairly regular feedback from the translators of the project that some of the translations that they do disappear whenever the .pot file is updated. I haven't been able to reliably reproduce this, and I don't really want to start doing something deliberately destructive.

The workflow for translations is this: generate .pot file in branch's po/ directory using po4a (http://po4a.alioth.debian.org), push to LP. LP then imports the .pot file and this is translated. The translations are exported to lp:~jshholland/ubuntu-manual/manual-trans then merged back into the main lp:ubuntu-manual branch. Over this time, the content of the manual has changed, so I re-run po4a to regenerate the .pot file. The .po files are also set up to import into Rosetta. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If you have suggestions, please point them out :).