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Fwd: [omgubuntu] Re: Mark Shuttleworth: No GNOME-Shell in Maverick


Mark's response when asked about UMP at open week.

Rockin' stuff!

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Date: 6/05/2010 6:04 PM
Subject: [omgubuntu] Re: Mark Shuttleworth: No GNOME-Shell in Maverick
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Bilal Akhtar wrote, in response to humphreybc:

sabdfl also praised your Ubuntu Manual Project. Congrats!

[16:44]   Hello Mark, I wanted to ask what ideas you have for ubuntu manual,
even if it has any kind of integration in Ubuntu.
[16:44]  what a great project
[16:44]  the key thing for me will be to see how they keep up with our pace
of iterations
[16:44]  but i think they will, just fine
[16:45]  they have a lot of energy
[16:45]  and i'm very impressed with their work
[16:45]  if they have integration ideas, UDS would be the right place to
pitch them

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