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On behalf of the Quickshot team, we would like to give everyone some
insight into the current plans of the Quickshot team; Quickshot is under
heavy development for Ubuntu 10.10. 

One of our driving focuses is to support other projects that might wish
to capture screenshots for documentation: we will be making our server
easy to deploy on any modern distribution and most popular webhosts,
without any need to read a huge manual to get started; the client will
be able to connect to any server and each server can host multiple
projects. Our main goal for our next release is to make Quickshot
accessible to everyone.

Using a server you have deployed in an environment you control and
trust, you can generate a small file that can be loaded into a Quickshot
client to automatically configure it for use with your project, allowing
you to easily recruit volunteers. Furthermore, because we, with the
Ubuntu Manual Project, came to the realization that advertising is
critical to getting enough support for quality documentation to take
off, we will also be providing a feature that allows you to register
your Quickshot-using project on our main website, on a community
bulletin board. Projects registered in this manner will automatically be
displayed to all Quickshot clients when they start up without being
launched with a project file -- in short, anyone with an hour to kill,
who's looking for some way to help the community, can become a
contributor to your project with a few simple clicks. (And they'll have
the option to be credited for their time, too, which is sure to increase

Lastly, in addition to making the client more streamlined,
fault-tolerant, and flexible (we'll cover every reasonable wish list
item and usability issue we receive, so keep the feedback coming,
please!), we're also aiming to make the server as easy-to-use as
possible: any project administrator can log in with OpenID, approve or
reject submissions, and edit every aspect of the project, like languages
and screenshots, all from a web browser; they can add and remove
administrative peers, too, in case the project's scope balloons. And,
just in case someone's account gets compromised, the whole thing is
protected from destructive abuse: no submissions are lost until the
owner of the server issues a clean-up command.

-Luke Jennings and Neil Tallim, on behalf of the Quickshot team