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How to commit code


Hello, all.

I wanted to thank everyone who's helped so far with reporting and
fixing bugs in the manual.  We really appreciate it!

Unfortunately, we've had a few new bugs slip in to the code in the
process.  So here's a quick guide on how to commit code for our

1. We're commit our code against the lucid-e2 branch.  To get a fresh
copy of this branch, run:

   bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2

2. Once this branch is checked out, you can edit the .tex files
located in the subdirectories (named after the chapters they contain).

3. After fixing the bug, run:

   make clean; make

   This will clear out the old temporary files and PDF and recreate
them from scratch.  This ensures that the manual can be compiled and
that you haven't made any obvious typos in your LaTeX commands.  Do
not commit your code until you've ensured it compiles successfully.

3. After compiling the code successfully, *before* you commit, run:

   bzr pull

4. Double-check to make sure your bug is still properly fixed and that
any changes that were just pulled in were merged properly.  (If the
changes only impacted files you haven't edited, they should be fine.)

5. Now you can commit your code.  Run:

   bzr commit

   and enter the numbers of any bugs you fixed.

6. Finally, run:

   bzr push

   If you've never pushed code to this branch before, bzr will
complain.  You can run:

   bzr push lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2

   to satisfy it.  From that point on, bzr will remember the location
and you should be able to simply run 'bzr push'.

7. Run:

   bzr pull

   to grab the latest code and start again on the next bug.

If you take too long between running 'bzr commit' and 'bzr push', you
may find that someone else has pushed code to the branch.  If this
occurs, run:

   bzr uncommit

to undo your commit.  Your changes are still in the files, so nothing
is lost.  Then start at step 3 again.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reply to this email or
chat with us on IRC in #ubuntu-manual on Freenode.


--Kevin Godby

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