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[Bug 584035] Re: Translations have changed from complete to need review


I am sorry to be so slow in responding: we get a lot of bug mail, so
it's hard to see only responses without the bug status being changed
(I've also been away for a month).

It seems the settings are changed on lucid-e2, but not on lucid-e1:

"lucid-e1" is marked as being the translations focus now (change it
using "Change permissions" link on https://translations.launchpad.net
/ubuntu-manual  — I have a fix which will clarify that this is where you
can change the "focus of translations" and it should land soon)

As far as the suggestion of what's going on, I can only think of the
same thing as Henning: somebody requested a one-time import for that
particular branch. Also, I am wondering if what you want is to have
lucid-e2 as the default translation series (it will then show up on the
translations homepage for ubuntu-manual).

I guess it might be best to figure this out live if it happens again.
Henning or me should be on #launchpad on FreeNode IRC during regular
European working hours, and with nicknames "henninge" and "danilos". I'd
like to get this solved so it doesn't bother you, but I don't know
what's causing it and it's much easier to look through logs when it's
happened recently.

** Changed in: rosetta
       Status: New => Incomplete

Translations have changed from complete to need review
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
Manual Team, which is a direct subscriber.

Status in Launchpad Translations: Incomplete

Bug description:

The English (United Kingdom) translations were all complete. For some reason 940 of them have changed from being "Complete" to "Needs review".

The translations are listed at the below url. 


Please advise. This is the second time this has happened.