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Re: disappearing translations


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Thanks for your answer, so backups might be the best so far

Am 23.08.2010 13:41, schrieb David Planella:
> Hi Daniel,
> 2010/8/22 Daniel Schury <das.surst@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
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>> Hi to all,
>> is the problem with the disappearing translations really solved? I
>> noticed, that the german translations for lucid-e1, which were 100% and
>> already released, dropped to 20% and are 44% now, after somebody did
>> some work on it...How does it happen all the time? It seems like it does
>> not really sense to work on lucid-e2 without taking daily backups,
>> unless the problem isn't solved
> Someone else pointed this out on IRC at #ubuntu-translators last week.
> Let me give some background first and then suggest what I think happened.
> = Message sharing =
> There are several translatable series:
> * lucid-e1
> * lucid-e2
> * maverick
> These series use message sharing. This means that if you do a
> translation in maverick it propagates instantly to the other series if
> the original string is identical. The same applies in other directions
> (i.e. from lucid-e2 to maverick and lucid-e1, and so on).
> = Automatic imports =
> All those series are set (now) to import only templates from their
> respective bzr branches. This means that every time a POT template is
> updated and commited to the respective bzr branch, it appears
> automatically in Launchpad.
> This is useful for maintainers in the sense that they only need to
> take care to update the template when appropriate (i.e. at the start
> of a string freeze period) and commit it. Launchpad does the rest.
> There is another setting: "Import translations and templates", which
> also makes Launchpad import PO files present in a given branch. This
> should only be used if a project is migrating to Launchpad and wants
> to import existing translations, or if maintainers e.g. receive
> translations per e-mail and want to commit them to the branch.
> = Automatic exports =
> Translations done in Launchpad are exported daily and automatically in
> the form of PO files to a chosen branch. That branch is separate from
> the development branch, and as far as I could tell, the ubuntu-manual
> team merges it back to the trunk to make the latest translations
> available there.
> = Imports bug =
> There is also a bug in Launchpad whereby empty translations from a
> branch will replace the translations done in Launchpad:
> https://launchpad.net/bugs/548375
> = What happened =
> That's what I believe happened.
> The lucid-e1 and lucid-e2 series had the right setting in Launchpad,
> "Import templates only", whereas maverick had the "Import templates
> and translations" setting.
> The translations branch was merged into the maverick branch. That
> contained translations that were older than some done in Launchpad. As
> such, some of these translations were empty in the branch, but not in
> Launchpad. Combining the imports bug and the setting in the maverick
> series, empty translations overwrote translations done in Launchpad.
> Then message sharing came into place and those now empty translations
> in maverick became also empty in lucid-e1 and lucid-e2.
> After realising this on Friday, as a rosetta-admin I changed the
> setting from the maverick series to "import templates and
> translations" to "import templates only". Having talked to some admins
> on #ubuntu-manual some weeks ago, I believe that's the setting you'd
> want.
> = Conclusion =
> So here's my advice:
> * Everyone: keep an eye on https://launchpad.net/bugs/548375 if you
> are interested in tracking when this is fixed. If someone has
> development skills, they might even want to have a go at fixing it -
> Launchpad is Open Source! https://dev.launchpad.net/
> * Translators: keep backups of translations by exporting the Ubuntu
> Manual PO files. Regardless of this bug, it might be adviseable, since
> in such a big translation, data loss can be quite annoying.
> * Maintainers: try to stick to the "Import templates only" setting
> when opening new series for translations. This should avoid the
> mentioned bug completely, and that's the correct setting for your
> project anyway. You could also consider setting the automatic exports
> of translations directly to each series' branch. That will save you
> doing the merges (translations will) and keep translations up to date.
> The only disadvantage is that translation commits might be in the way
> (as in they appear in the commit history), but then again, the GNOME
> project manages that approach quite well (see the translation commits
> here as an example: http://git.gnome.org/browse/empathy/, but note
> that translators themselves do the commits, they don't happen
> automatically).
> I hope this helps.
> Regards,
> David.

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