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Re: Meeting Minutes


Thanks, Luke, for posting this link.  I was pleased to be able to
review the meeting notes.

I do have one suggestion/request for the upcoming crowd-sourced beta
test: When releasing a pdf copy of the manual to the public, can we
work to ensure that only one (perhaps two) versions of the beta manual
are released to the public?  Last cycle, we chose to update the beta
manual download link seemingly once each day; consequently, we spent
as much time trying to decipher WHICH VERSION of the manual bug
reporters were reading as we did actually squashing the bugs
themselves.  Having a single pre-release version of the manual in the
wild during beta testing will help eliminate some of the confusion
that hindered our previous super edit/bug jam and allow us to work
more efficiently.

I realize that doing this might mean multiple bugs filed against the
same measly typo, comma splice, etc. -- but I think the redundancy is
easier to address than the chaos of multiple maual versions in


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